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At an early stage of childhood, I was able to feel the presence of spirits; would see and talk to them as if they were as alive as any other person. But when I revealed this to my parents and friends, I realized that it is something unique that I experience in everyday life. Later on, I tried to suppressed this feeling, but never able to get over it. How can I ignore them? They were just everywhere, with me, while I was talking, playing, eating or sleeping. I was so accustomed to their presence that they were a like a known to me. 
Years passed on, and I grew up like just any other youth with aspirations and desires in commercial world, but then there was always a compulsion, a feeling that this is not my track, not my goal, and sooner I realized that I am completely detached from materialistic world.  
I mediated and continuously pondered over the direction which I have planned to take, and then one final day, I decided to follow my destiny and do what I have been made for. To help people!      

I focused on improving my learning about paranormal and spirit, and started telling people about what I saw in their future and offered them guidance to achieve their destiny. Gradually, I learnt new ways of predictions and reading including coffee cup reading, candle wax readings and meditation. I trusted my own instinct and used my natural gift of hearing and listening to the spirits to predict the past, present, and future. 

I helped people connect to their loved ones, who are dead, allowing them to receive the messages of their spirits. It was completely different experienced. I felt more blessed and my psychic powers increased. I saw people breaking down with tears, I saw them moved with the feeling of closeness, and I saw them laughing fanatically over an experience meeting and talking to the people they love and now no more in this physical world. All these overjoyed me and I realized, I am meant for this. This is my destiny and I have excelled it. I can help you to find yours too!